Julie is a total pro. Her research is thorough and well documented, her drafts on time (or early!) and well organized. She follows up ASAP on questions and revision requests, chases down further details when needed, and is great at brainstorming. I will definitely keep her on my short list of go-to writers. Jill Metzler Patton, Senior Editor at Experience Life magazine

Julie and I partnered on a high-visibility executive client who needed her expertise showcased in a way that would demonstrate her thought leadership on a multitude of complex, industry-specific, and potentially controversial topics. Julie came through in aces. A thoughtful listener, Julie gleaned gems from this client and turned them into word-smithing gold. She has a talent for taking complex subject matter and making it simple to understand. And Julie is excellent at capturing the client voice, making each and every communication highly personal and therefore impactful. A fantastic team player, Julie worked seamlessly between my team and the client. The end result — this client saw increased positive engagement with her professional brand. And that’s just one “case study” that demonstrates why Julie is simply one of the best. Maria Reitan, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Lola Red PR

I highly recommend Julie Kendrick as a freelance writer. During this past year, we asked Julie to start writing profiles for our Minnesota Good Age magazine’s cover stories ( and she’s been a go-to rockstar for us. Her profiles have shown her ability to write with voice, authority and easy-to-follow organization, while also bringing to life Minnesotans who are truly extraordinary. Julie is always on time, always quick to reply to questions and is also very open to editing when needed. She’s become a valuable member of our freelance team! Sarah Jackson, Editor at Minnesota Premier Publications

Julie is such a joy to to work with! She brings great thinking, insights and perspective to her writing, and has the intuitive ability to understand the needs of her audience. She’s a wonderful collaborator and is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Not only that, she’s just a whole lot of fun! I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a talented writer who just gets it. Anita Nelson, President/Owner, IN Food Marketing & Design

Julie is great to work with. She is highly reliable and responsive. Her writing is engaging and lively. She is willing to take on any subject, which is saying something in the sometimes esoteric corners of science. When I contact Julie with an assignment, I know she will do a great job and meet even the tightest deadline. I highly recommend her. She’s a pro. Stephanie Xenos, Director of Communications and Marketing – College of Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota

Julie is a fantastic contributor and writer. She consistently meets her deadlines for pieces and creates solid work. She is also always willing to pitch new, inventive ideas. Molly Burke, Managing Editor, Hanley Wood

Julie Kendrick is an energetic, resourceful, talented writer who I can count on to provide me with a quality finished product. Also, her warm and engaging personality gives me confidence that she will maintain good relationships with our alumni sources. Lynette Lamb, Editor, Macalester Today

Of all the writers I assign and edit, Julie is the most fertile in good story ideas. She’s also smart and savvy, with a good understanding of editorial needs and processes — something not all freelancers possess. The stories are always top-notch and need next to no work. A terrific professional whom I highly recommend. Jon Spayde, Health News Producer, BringMeTheNews

Julie Kendrick is the kind of writer that every editor can rely on. I don’t necessarily like touting this because if others discover this wonderful secret, I may not be able to hire her as much. Julie is a very strong writer and researcher, and always comes up with terrific pitches as well. She’s not just a writer asking for assignments; she frequently makes them herself with her pitches. Plus, she’s just an all-around great person, very engaging. I highly recommend her! Kathleen Stoehr, Editor, Catersource Magazine

Working with Julie has been a delight! She is the total package — wicked smart, highly creative and extremely organized. Not only did she immerse herself in a large volume of content to quickly understand our global customer’s program, but she distilled that large volume of information into succinct messaging that will resonate with the customer’s target audience. I’m looking forward to working with her again on future projects!” LeeAnne Huber, Communications Manager, Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies

“Julie is a quick study who’s able to rapidly grasp the essence of a story — even highly technical or abstract subjects — and communicate it in an engaging, human way. She is our go-to writer for editorial content.” Devon Thomas Treadwell, Founding Partner at Pollywog, a Naming & Branding Agency

Julie is one of Minnesota Meetings + Events magazine’s top freelance writers. As the assistant editor of the magazine, I make it a point to assign Julie feature stories because she has proven she can handle the workload. Her work is always thorough, on time and well written. Morgan Halaska, Assistant Editor, Minnesota Meetings + Events magazine

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Julie Kendrick as a colleague, as a business partner, and as a service provider. She is one of the most dynamic, smart, and sharp individuals I know. Every single time I interact with Julie, I learn something new. She stays current with the latest of, well…everything. She incorporates her knowledge, wit and wisdom into every project she approaches. She has a unique way of combining whimsy and pragmatism in her approach to work. Anyone who gets a chance to work with Julie is better off because of it. Lorraine Frias, Innovation Product Director, UnitedHealthcare 

Julie has a unique writing ability and listens carefully as she develops content for clients’ needs. Her talents bring people wanting to read the content and she inspires interest in the story. That is not easy to accomplish for most writers. She has rare and genuine talent. Julie is timely and dedicated finishing assignments when the client needs it.Cindy Haren, President and CEO, Western Dairy Association

Over the past 10 years, Julie has provided writing services in support of my clients’ direct marketing and advertising initiatives as well as corporate communications. I can always count on Julie to capture exactly the right tone–whether she’s composing copy for a edgy postcard for a cable company, an ad for a trendy fashion tabloid or a corporate health and wellness brochure. She is a visual thinker and works seamlessly with creatives, quickly deciphering input and delivering intelligent and professional content. Betsy Burnett, Partner, Big Think Advertising

I’ve had the privilege of working with Julie many times over the years. Most recently, she provided copy editing services for two manuals my firm developed to support a software product. She improved the presentation of the material considerably AND was on time and on budget! I plan to hire her in the future. Tammy Burns Woodhouse, Owner, Agent 99 Marketing

Julie handled numerous writing assignments for me, and I will continue to rely on her and her services for as long as I can! She is one of the most gifted writers I have ever met. She’s a masterful storyteller as opposed to a corporate jargonist; it shows in the way she transforms dry facts into engaging content for her intended audience. She is exceptionally versatile and personable–a skilled interviewer. She always turns in projects on time or before they’re due (more often before). She proves time and time again that it’s possible to transcend the mundane in corporate communications. She keeps artistry alive in her craft. I highly recommend her. Petra Mayr-Brown, Internal Communications Manager, UnitedHealthcare

As a contributing writer for Minneapolis Picks, Julie has proven to be a true creative professional. I can trust each review she crafts to be bang-on in originality, perfectly capturing that sweet and sassy tone that our readers have come to expect and love. She is extremely thorough (very rarely an edit needed), always on time (more like early!) with her work, and flexible to take on more work at any time, likely due to her amazing ability to stay organized. She embodies our slogan to be the “eyes and ears” of the Twin Cities’ hot spots and happenings, consistently discovering new places and events that our publication should cover. She raises the quality and creativity of Minneapolis Picks’ content single-handedly and as the editor, I’m aware that a publication is only as good as the talent of its writers. Julie clearly sets that standard. I probably lean on her more than I should! Erin Kangas, Managing Editor, Minneapolis Picks

Julie is a quick study and a delight to work with. Very professional, very talented and very dependable. She also understands how things work in the corporate world and is accommodating of those unique needs. Jill Wheeler, Head, Sustainable Productivity, Syngenta 

Julie has worked for me as a consultant for a number of years, and now she is serving as my contracted internal site communicator at one of our main corporate facilities. I can always count on Julie to get things done exceedingly well. She’s spot on with her insights, and she’s always coming up with great ideas to help us move the peg in a positive direction. Julie is a wonderful writer, and I’m amazed at how quickly she creates oustanding content. I highly recommend Julie as a communicator and writer; she’s a wonderful asset to my team. Jo Heather Dodson, Internal Communications Manager, Syngenta 

Julie provided excellent quality work meeting and exceeding my expectations. I found Julie very easy to work with and would be happy to work with her again. Joleen McFadden, RAZR Marketing

Julie is an excellent writer. She’s energetic and always, always delivers her projects on time or before expected. One of the qualities I value in a consultant/freelance writer is the ability to take an idea and run with it. Julie does this better than any other consultant I’ve worked with. I highly recommend Julie. Carly Razo, Regional Editor, Syngenta 

Julie spearheaded a huge writing and editing project for us this spring with exceptional results. She took pieces written by eight different people and “translated” them all into one clear message that highlighted our best assets. Her critical thinking and creative suggestions took the project to the next level. Even though Julie had other commitments during the time we worked together, she consistently made time for our work and it’s crazy deadline and was always responsive and personable. I enjoyed working with Julie so much, we had a lunch meeting to catch up a month after our project and I look forward to working with her again soon.  Amy Tomczyk, Administrator, Blue Zones

I have utilized Julie on a variety of writing assignments for our three ag business e-newsletters and for other additional writing needs. These include a variety of topics such as: IS (information systems) – tips and tricks, news alerts and updates; HR (human relations) – culture, milestone, and achievement stories; HSE (health safety & environmental) – updates; Information Security – intellectual property, procurement, phone scams; Tour scripts – for new headquarters – internal and external audiences. Julie always produces clear, concise, and creative copy which is accomplished by background research and asking the right questions. She is very team-oriented as well as being available immediately with quick turn-around time. Julie is very responsible and has a delightful personality. I would recommend Julie to the highest degree and without any hesitancy. Jeanne Cholewa, Internal Communications Manager, Syngenta

Julie has done exemplary work for the MSNA quarterly newsletter and we would highly recommend her services as an editor. Amy Thering,  Minnesota State Nutrition Association

Julie is very good at bringing together client ideas and needs, and weaving them into a cohesive and compelling script. She is also great to go to in a crunch, as she is willing to work with impossible timelines, and always has a positive outlook! Bill Riddle, Account Executive, BI Worldwide

Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to work with Julie on a variety of projects. These include proposals, Web sites, complete communications campaigns, and complicated compensation plans. Julie is always able to quickly get a handle on the information and develop clear, concise, and creative copy. Julie is very sharp, responsible and always fun to work with. Sherra Buckley, Marketing / Design Director, Healthcare/Pharma Group, BI Worldwide

Julie has helped me numerous times, both as an editor of my own writing and a creative writer when needed. As an editor, she has the ability to “punch up” my work, creating a stronger message that is easy and fun to read. As a creative writer, she will do what you need done, expertly and quickly. She also has a great sense of humor and an impeccable comedic timing that she brings to her person; her creative work is not to be missed! Cathy Perme, Owner & Principal Consultant at C. M. Perme & Associates, LLC

Julie consulted with MN School Nutrition Association during my year as President. She conducted a Peer Review Study and created and facilitated a Leadership Seminar for our Association. In both cases, she showed great creativity, worked hard, delivered great results and we had fun working with her! Jean Ronnei, Minnesota School Nutrition Association

I have hired Julie to work on many projects over the past several years. She brings an amazing “can do” attitude, attention to detail and desire to go above and beyond to each and every project. Her work is consistently superb: always creative, on-target, and engaging. Regardless of her workload, Julie always makes me feel as if I am her only customer. Over the years, she has proven herself to be a very reliable and trusted colleague and has become a highly valued friend. Wendy Armstrong Terpstra, Commercial Product Innovation and Development Manager, Medica

Energetic, adaptable, and dynamic are several of the descriptors I would use to describe our experience when our the Minnesota School Nutrition Association Leadership Seminar was developed and facilitated by Julie, with an ability to take a concept and develop an engaging day and half session that reached a diverse group of members. Leading the session, Julie was able to draw the attendees into conversation and discussion that helped us to reach our goals of the seminar. I look forward to our continued working relationship with Julie. Mary Anderson,  Minnesota School Nutrition Association

Julie is an excellent writer who is creative, detail-oriented, and can turn projects around with very little lead time. Whether I’m working with Julie on performance improvement proposals, or scripting for videos or brochures, Julie always delivers the right product on time. Jody Hunter, Design Director, Automotive Group, BI Worldwide

Julie helped edit and co-author my book Balanced Brand. She is an extremely talented writer/editor, great collaborator and makes a great partner. I would highly recommend her for a wide variety of activities including: market planning, creative development and copywriting. Don’t miss out on the chance to work with her.  John Foley, Owner, Level Brand, Inc.