Corporate Communications

syngentaContributing Editor, Agribusiness. Prior to Syngenta’s purchase by ChemChina and relocation of its global seeds headquarters, I was a contract, part-time editor for the seeds newsroom. I conducted interviews with newsmakers and wrote breaking news stories for an internal audience of 20,000 employees, providing photgraphy and uploading all content onto a proprietary CMS. I also edited a book about sustainable seed solutions for sub-Saharan Africa that was co-published by the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Global Access to Technology for Development (GATD) and AgPartnerXChange (APXC), titled “Growing Smartly: Scaling Up Seed Systems for Smallholder Farmers.”

blue-cross-blue-shieldCopywriting, agent marketing materials campaign. I do B2C writing for this health insurance company. I concepted and wrote this campaign, working with a graphic designer on image suggestions.

marzetti-on-your-plate-imageBlog writer, Corporate Website. I write the food trend blog for Marzetti Foodservice, On Your Plate. I source ideas, conduct interviews with tend experts, chef and operators, and develop a 400-word blog every week.  Topics covered have included hybrid veggies, alternative proteins, minimizing food waste, sea vegetables, Cuban food, the rise in “shareable” foods, sliders, indulgent brunches and more.

Blog writer, Corporate Website. I develop regular blog content for Hearth and Home Technologies, the largest hearth manufacturer in the world. Here’s a recent example: a wood stove buying guide for Quadra-Fire.

cheeseThought Leadership Website.
For the Cargill Salt InPerspective™ website, I write food trend features targeted to research and development leaders at consumer package goods and food processing companies. I’ve developed a discussion of finishing salt from Chef Janet Bourbon, a look at trends in artisan cheese, a rundown of the hottest foods for Super Bowl snacking, a review of innovations to reduce sodium in frozen pizza, latest trends in pasta and sauce, the growing appeal of sea salt and millet, the next superstar grain. Recent work looks at tortillas, which now outsell white bread in the U.S., and pork, the most consumed protein in the world. I’ve also written about generational differences in snacking.


Corporate Sustainability Communications. I researched and wrote this multi-use piece for Land O’ Lakes, outlining their corporate model and sustainability enterprises.

mindful hydrationCorporate Health Promotion Website. Mindful by Sodexo is a website that provides communication support to consumers at workplace and school cafés, delivering messages to help Mindful choices become second nature. I write on a number of health and nutrition topics, including this winter hydration guide, a service feature on staying motivated and overcoming obstacles, a service piece on building relationships while staying in shape, a piece on kitchen hacks, coverage on smarter carbs, and a story on how to read food labels.


Dimensional Direct Mail Campaign. Multiple-mailing long-term awareness campaign for Chicago-based Prairie City bakery, a major supplier to national c-stories and other outlets.

Prairie City bakery box

Feature brinkWriting and Editing, Branded Corporate Print Magazine.  MMIC is the largest policyholder-owned medical liability insurance company in the Midwest. I provide customer-bylined editorial for BRINK, a publication targeted to C-Suite executives, physicians and risk managers. I’ve written and ghostwritten articles on physician-patient communication, service recovery, culture change as a factor in claim reduction, electronic record use in Emergency Departments, strengthening patient engagement in treatment plans and the physician burnout epidemic. Recent stories include: Changing Culture in Medicine, Access to Care, Peer Review in Outpatient Clinics, Trends in Long-Term Care and a profile of in-home care provider Bluestone Physician Services.

john kelly

B2B Communications. I write sales sheets, ads, PPTs and brochures for the industrial coatings division of Valspar. This long-form profile of an employee and another one of his colleagues were part of a microsite created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their signature coatings, Fluropon.

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